Let The Pessimists Do Their Thing

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Rant, Round The World, Travel

One of the scariest things about leaving your life behind for a few months to travel is having to tell friends, family and work. It’s not an easy thing to do and undoubtedly there will be those that will discourage the idea or list off reasons why it’s a bad idea. For the most part the response to my plans have been positive. Work understands and it’s great now to be able to talk about the trip out in the open, even greater when people at work take an interest in what I’m doing. My family thinks it great and my friends are happy for me too.

The most common theme from the negative folks always leads back to money. “What about money?” “What about bills?” “Work now, save for something like this when you’re retired!” Retired? Really? Why, so I can bank on being healthy enough when I’m 65 to do this. A lot of us won’t make it that long, you’re given one life and I’m sure as hell not going to look back on it with ‘what ifs’. The time is now for this kind of trip for me. I’m not married, no kids (as far as I know) and at this time I have the resources to make it happen. I’m now in the final months of my employment in the Canadian Oil Sands in Northern Alberta. I fly here for 21 days at a time and work straight then fly back to Ottawa for 14 days off. Being away from home and spending quality time in airports has been a part of my life for two and half years now. If there is a spot available and they`ll have me back then I`ll return to work when the adventure is over.

If you are ever thinking of doing a trip like this, please don’t let others doubts weigh into your decision. Do it for the right reason, do it for the desire to see the world outside the one you know, do it to see new lands and cultures, to eat new foods and most importantly do it to learn. If these things drive you and excite and the logistics are in place to do then just do it. Maybe wear a Nike shirt while just doing it.

In my opinion, and this is pretty broad, you’re born then you die. It is what happens in between that makes your story. Make it a story you would want to read.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent. Thatt’s all.

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