Travel Review: Varadero, Cuba

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Cuba, Travel, Travel Review
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As a former travel agent I know the importance of reviews, I also know the importance and of reading many reviews to come to a conclusion. Let’s face it, some people are just assholes and will write a bad review no matter what. Seeing as I read reviews constantly it only seems fair that I contribute. I won’t go into great detail as the full reviews can be read on TripAdvisor.

Coralia Club Playa De Oro

This hotel is owned by Accor, well actually it’s owned by the Cuban government like everything else. It is a middle of the road resort. Don’t expect fine dining, luxurious rooms or immaculate facilities and grounds. It is a great value hotel though, you get what you pay for right? At $830 for 7 nights for the flights, hotel, drinks, food and round trip airport shuttle, I’m not complaining. I go to Cuba to relax, meet great people (local and tourist), see some sights and have some drinks. If you are a middle aged couple looking for a romantic getaway then try somewhere a little higher up. If you aren’t high maintenance and want good beach, safe surroundings off the resort, good nightlife and an overall relaxed atmosphere then go here. Oh yeah, if you like drinking your face off and require a 24 hour bar then this might be a place for you as well.

Check out my full review of PLAYA DE ORO

El Rancho

Go ahead, get pulled in off the street and suckered into a meal. When they tell to you to eat there because the chicken and beef are imported from Canada you long for down food. What you get is food that should taste delicious but tastes like a bowl of salt instead. I’ll get to the point, don’t fall into this tourist tramp. There are many great restaurants in Varadero in all the different price ranges. I’ll take a Cuban sandwich and a Cristal for $3 or $4 over this lobster meal anyday

Read the full review of El Rancho here

Pizza Piazza

Formerly known as Pizza Nova, this restaurant is located on the second floor of Plaza Las Americas. Great atmosphere and great food. Certainly not Cuban food but great if you’re looking for something familiar. I had a pizza with prosciutto and green peppers and my friend had ham, pineapple, green peppers and onions. Both were delicious and the bruschetta  for an appetizer was great too. They have a pretty extensive menu of mostly Italian dishes. I highly suggest a meal here if you happen to be at the mall. The mall by the way is a one stop shop if you need to change money, use a reliable internet cafe, a snack or get souvenirs right from cheap little things to high end merchandise. There is also a full grocery store with great prices on liquor and beer.

Read the full review of Pizza Piazza here


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