Thailand Awaits, Time To Pick A Shirt?

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Rant, Round The World, Travel
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A good chunk of my mini RTW will be spent in SE Asia and Bangkok will be a big part of it. Naturally, political unrest decides to unfold a mere two months before my arrival. I know this should make me nervous but for some strange reason it has me even more excited than I was two weeks ago. I don’t know, maybe the thought of being there when something historic possibly happens adds appeal. Maybe I’ll luck out and get a great pic that gets me a Pulitzer. Do they give Pulitzers for photos? These sorts of things are nothing new to Thailand, they tend to dissipate after a bit then all is normal for a few years then the protests begin again. If things are really that bad when I land in BKK then I’ll just head South to the Islands or North to Chiang Mai.

The whole shirt thing in the title is a joke of course. I am currently burning all my shirts that have any yellow or red in them. I figure I’ll just wear a Toronto Blue Jays jersey all the time. A bird over a Canadian maple leaf isn’t offensive right? Maybe the red leaf.

People have asked me if I’m worried. Why? Millions upon millions live with these sorts of things daily, if I say I’m worried it would only be because of where I’m from and the society and life I know. If I wanted to see what feels safe to me then I’d stay home. Travel is about seeing, tasting, learning and experiencing as much as possible how others live. There is good and bad out there and going out of my way to avoid possible bad situations is not something I’m willing to do.

Happy and SAFE travels!


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