10 Travel Folks Keeping Me Motivated

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Round The World, Travel, Travel Tips
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As I sit here in my small room at a work camp in Northern Canada I’m reflecting on the last 30 months of my life. This could be my last night here. I fly home to Ontario tomorrow for my days off. I’m still scheduled to come back for another few weeks (over Christmas of course) but the debate is on in my brain on whether to return. I’m ready now to spend the holidays at home then hit the road for a RTW tour. For over two years now I’ve worked 21 days straight followed by 14 days off. All the while flying back and forth between Alberta and home, on the company’s dime I should mention. This job is the reason I’m able to do my upcoming travels. A pretty great salary combined with a shitload of Aeroplan points from only using Air Canada has resulted in me having the resources to do this trip of a lifetime.

Make no mistake, I’m terrified. Anybody would be I figure, three continents and upwards of 15 countries with out any accommodations booked. I am way more excited than scared though. With my education in Travel & Tourism and my past work as a travel agent I’m pretty comfortable with my destination knowledge on a lot of places, there was a never a course on how to live and survive on the road though. I scour the internet each day for whatever new info I can find. I use Twitter, Facebook and blogs as resources. As I’m finding out quickly the sources I keep going back to are the ones that not only teach me but inspire and motivate me.

It would be a sin not to mention the awesome travelers and writers that I’m following closely and learning from everyday. If you love travel and love learning as much as possible on how to do it effectively then follow these folks. They are in no particular order. There are so many more too, I’m following a lot of awesomeness on Twitter and Facebook.

Mapping Megan
The Migratory Nerd
Legal Nomads
Fleeting Life
Travelling King
The Eager Traveller
Y Travel Blog
True Nomads
Goats On The Road

  1. Thanks for the inclusion Brad! Safe travels!

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