Tom Petty Must Have Been Singing About A Round The World Trip

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Round The World, Travel
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Indeed “The waiting is the hardest is the part”. Judging by the rest of the lyrics I figure the song is actually about a guy waiting to get laid again, but maybe just maybe Tom Petty or one the Heartbreakers was actually planning a RTW trip. I’m quickly discovering that the planning stage is fun yet excruciating. I’m ready to go and hit the road but I’ve realized that things on the home front need to be taken care of and settled first. Burning a bridge on your way out is pointless. For me my dilemma is work, back in late October I gave my notice for mid February, plenty of notice, too much I see now. In hindsight I gave too much notice but I need to finish what I started and work until I said I would. My employer is planning around that date, they know when a replacement is needed and when they need to be in to allow proper training. As cliched as it sounds, my realization that I need to follow through on my commitments came from a book. Yes I know. After reading Vagabonding by Rolf Potts my eyes were opened to the before travel stuff and how important they are. Sure the book was excellent all around and the stories of exotic places were the elements that any traveler loves but it was the practical stuff that stuck with me the most. What I took from it was too fully appreciate the chance to do long term travel if it happens to you. Now I won’t for a second say that I’m a vagabonder in the truest form but my home life and employment is a good recipe for it though. I currently work in Northern Alberta for 21 days straight then have 14 off. I continue to live in Ontario on my days off and work pays my flights back and forth. I’ve been at this 2.5 years now and from the beginning I vowed to only fly Air Canada so I could collect Aeroplan points which are redeemable on any Star Alliance member flights. Even though my employer pays the flights it is my name on the tickets and only an Aeroplan account with an identical name to that on the ticket can be awarded the points. I now have enough points to do what Aeroplan refers to as a mini RTW. Because they allow two free stopovers for no extra points I’m doing a 5-6 month trip through 3 continents  and at least 10 countries for the same amount of points as a round trip to Australia would cost. What I am able to do is fly to Melbourne for my first stop over, Melbourne to Bangkok as my second stopover, Bangkok to Paris for my turnaround point then Paris back to Canada. With no maximum stays on the stopovers being able to spend quality time in all these places will be a breeze. All of the cities are just central jumping off points to make my way through other cities and countries.

My Holy Book Of Travel

My Holy Book Of Travel


In the book Potts emphasizes that there are sacrifices to be made to be able to travel long term, whether it be no more eating out no more paying for haircuts or washing your car yourself instead of the drive through. I’m ready to make sacrifices and changes but I’ve learned that sacrificing the relationships and bridges built in your home life is not the way to do it. When it is time to come home you may be looking to restart that life that previously enabled to work towards long term travel. In essence, come home and start from scratch again. The circle of life for a Vagabonder I suppose.

Be patient, get your ducks in a row and enjoy the planning stages as it is part of the journey.




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