Learning Not Earning From Travel Should Be The Main Idea

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Rant, Round The World, Travel
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First off, I’ve yet to make a dime off my blog and probably never will and I’m cool with that. That was never my goal, its solely about doing something I love and sharing it with others. Second, anyone that decides they are going to travel just as a means to make money will likely not be successful and won’t even enjoy the travel. It would be no different than waking up every morning and going to that job you hate. Travel will become a task instead of a pleasure. Countless numbers of people are making money from their travel writings, some a little and some a lot. The one thing that 99.9% of them have in common? They love travel and they love sharing their experiences. They were trotting the globe and taking us along for the ride before there were ads on their site, before major publications were paying for their posts and photos, before their e-book was on Amazon and before book deals started coming in. If I’m ever lucky enough to have something like that happen then awesome, but that would just be a cherry on top of the sundae that is exploring the world. After all, if you can do something you love and make enough money to sustain and continue doing what you love then you’re going to do it. Round-the-world people are a strange breed aren’t we? Unfortunately the vast majority of our strange breed will have to return to normal life at some point, if only to build up our bank to do it all again someday. I wrote an earlier post about the writers, and I call them writers as they are much more than just bloggers, who inspire me. I’m not inspired by how much commercial success or Twitter followers they have, I’m inspired by their travels and how they can pull you into another world with their words and pictures. They are storytellers with true stories. Their ability to do this and be better than most is what gets them the commercial success and the Twitter followers.

I’m like a schizophrenic traveler, I have my former travel agent personality where I critique every airline, hotel, tour, car rental company and loyalty program I deal with. Then there is my traveler personality (he’s my favourite of my multiple personalities) that wants to go anywhere and everywhere and even get into sticky situations. One day I will write a post about a hotel like you were sitting across the desk from me looking for advice, the next day I’ll write a post about drinking til 6:00 AM and being on the ferry to Alcatraz at 8:00 AM (I was sea sick not whiskey sick by the way). In the end though, no matter what travel experience it is I just want to be able to share it with as many people as possible and teach and inspire as many people as possible.

Take the plunge and go traveling if it is something you want. Travel to learn, see and do new things. Travel to eat new foods and speak new tongues. Travel to see things you thought you’d only see in movies and travel to discover that the world is wide and diverse yet people are basically the same no matter where you. If you make some coin doing this then good on you, but if your idea of successful travel is filling your bank then you’ll most likely return home miserable and broke. I’d rather to just return home broke, thanks.


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