One Way Ticket To Bangkok? Check. This Is Really Happening!

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Round The World, Travel
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So the proverbial nail in the coffin is hammered. When I say proverbial I mean non-refundable. The one way flight that will be the beginning of my journey is booked, I have the email to prove it. My original plan of using frequent flyer points to do a mini RTW trip is long gone out the window. There was no way I was going to be constrained by having to be in set cities on set days. After months of contemplation and research I knew it was best to just book a one way and then go from there. I also found a pretty decent price to help my decision. I’ll be flying out of Ottawa (40 minutes from home) on the morning of February 26th and arriving in Bangkok at 1215am (boo!!!) February 28th. There will be stops in Detroit and Narita Airport in Tokyo. I may even have time there for some Sushi! I grabbed a flight with Delta for $620 CAD taxes in. I tried my best to get a flight with a Star Alliance carrier so I could rack up some more Air Canada Aeroplan points but Delta was the cheapest by around $300. I’m excited and scared. Giddy like a 14 year old girl at a 2006 Miley Cyrus concert and horrified like that same girl watching Miley seven years later on the MTV Awards. The flight is the point of no return, it’s a large amount of money in one shot and its non-refundable, no going back.


Now that may arrival day is set I also set up some accommodations so I’m not arriving in the middle of the night trying to score a bed. I spent the day scouring Hostelworld, Hostelbookers, TripAdvisor and AirBnB and checked as many prices and reviews as possible. I knew that I wanted somewhere near the action but not right in it, free breakfast, A/C, WIFI and a private room if possible. My budget for accommodations in SE Asia is around $10-13/night but for these four nights I was willing to pay a little more. I need and want somewhere where I’m confident I can recover from 27 hours of flying and be able to start researching and planning for my journey to Chiangmai while at the same time be in a good spot to see the points of interest in Bangkok. I believe (hope) I’ve found all this in a spot called Roof View Place through It is about a 10 minute walk to Khao San Road and seems to be what I’m looking for based on reviews and pictures. I’ve booked a private single room with private bath for about $20/night. No payment was required in advance and I can cancel up to a day before which is reassuring.

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This is as far as my bookings in advance will go. I have a flight and I know where I’m going from the airport, good enough for me. The excitement for me is as high as ever now, two months from now (aside from the first four nights) I won’t know where I’m sleeping, eating, drinking and going in general. That actually sounds like an average Friday night at home. To some this sort of plan, or lack of sounds insane, to me it’s perfection.

  1. Your goin to have an awesome time!! Im leaving for SEA feb 1st and absolutely cant wait!! Happy safe travels ❤️

  2. Very exciting! No better way to discover than just jumping right in.

  3. erin says:

    WaY to go ! That is exactly what I did. The only time I book ahead is if I know ill be getting into a city really late (for example Laos and Vietnam have a curfew of 11pm and 12 am respectively and hostels are not open unless they know you are coming). Uncertainty is a great part of the adventure 🙂

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