50 Days Til Liftoff And Getting Stir Crazy!

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Round The World, Travel
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As I sit here hidden away from the outside vortex that is apparently polar in nature I am consumed with thoughts and dreams of street food in Thailand, boat rides in Laos, beaches in Vietnam and temples in Cambodia. A good chunk of my days lately consist of looking at pictures and videos of far off places that won’t be so far off soon enough. Exactly 50 days from now I will depart from Ottawa, Canada on a one way flight destined for Bangkok. I have one more rotation of work in Northern Alberta to attend to which will take up 21 days between Jan. 20th and Feb. 10th. There really isn’t a lot of days left to get things in order. I don’t want my last couple weeks home to be a frantic mess of taking care of things that should have been done long ago. That will be time with family and friends. Reluctantly I ventured into the merciless cold that is gripping much and of Canada and the United States today to get a few things done. The first thing I did was spend a wonderful 30 minutes on the phone with my bank today deciding the best options to save me money overseas. I’ll write a full post on this later as it is a huge issue to be aware of before traveling long term. My next stop was my go to place for all things photography. This time it was some passport sized photos that will be needed for visas. As it turns out the photographer is heading to Vietnam in 2 weeks. We talked of Pho and sunshine then he reminded me to pay him. The last spot was Canadian Tire (affectionately known as Crappy Tire to you non-Canadians) to find a first aid kit. I found a decent one for about $15 that is pretty compact and won’t use unnecessary space in my backpack.

It is these small mundane errands that many people never think of when planning a RTW. It isn’t all just ‘pack and go’ as much as we’d like it to be. With my flight booked and my first few nights in Bangkok arranged there isn’t much more to do in the planning stages. My vaccines are done, bills, auto insurance and other financials are taken care of and I’ve got the backpack so I’m not Brad With Plans To Buy A Backpack.  I guess the risk of having most things taken care of at this point is the inevitable anxiousness that hopefully doesn’t lead to me over planning. I can’t wait to be able to write about new sights, smells and tastes that I’ve just experienced, until then it’s hiding from the vortex dreaming of Southeast Asia and beyond.


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