Towards the Golden Land of Unknown

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Uncategorized



The Chinese New Year is upon me once again. Firecrackers and lanterns abound. The whole country on the move. The biggest human migration. A migration of amazing proportions and a celebration of historic tradition. But now after a few weeks of work and a quick Christmas holiday to see an old friend in South Korea it is time to board the plane yet again. Another adventure, another time to celebrate. This time I am off to see the slowly opening borders of a land of mystery and excitement. A place that has played around in my head for almost two years. Where adventure travel takes on new meaning and I make some new trails. Into the golden land of Burma I go.

When I mention Myanmar(Burma) what comes to mind? For many I believe a simple where or what is there comes to mind? I have been reading and day-dreaming…

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