What To Bring: What’s On My Backpacking Checklist

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Travel, Travel Tips, Uncategorized
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I’ve pretty well got everything I plan on bringing with me for my travels. Planning on being gone at least four months and possibly longer makes deciding what to bring a challenge. You don’t want to bring too much and be uncomfortable with too much weight and not have room for anything else once you arrive. Too little can be a worry as well but still better than too much. After months of reading other checklists and blog posts I decided what was needed and what wasn’t. Of course this is all pre travel, we’ll see what I really needed and didn’t. I’ve linked some of the products I’ve chosen, I will be reviewing them later on once I’ve used everything:

– 5 light cotton t-shirts-
– 6-8 pairs of socks
– 6-8 pairs of boxers
– 3-4 pairs casual shorts
– 2 pairs of swim shorts
– 1 long sleeve t-shirt
– 1 collared short sleeve shirt
– 1 pair of long pants (mostly because I’m flying out of Canada in February)

– 1 pair of Airwalk flip flops
– 1 pair of Salomon Synapse CS WP trail shoes from MEC

– 1 tube of toothpaste and toothbrush
– 1 bottle of body/hair wash
– Shower puffy ball (I don’t know what they’re actually called, I just know I like them)
– 1 stick of deodorant
– 1 small bottle of hair gel
– Q-tips
– 1 can of shaving cream and razor with spare blades
– 1 towel (decided against quick dry towels. A lot of reviews are mediocre, if I’m unable to dry my towel before it goes back in the bag then I will separate it in one of the freezer bags)

– 1 small first aid kit from Canadian Tire
– 2 tubes of Brave Soldier Antiseptic Ointment
– Immodium
– Presciptions
– Multivitamins (90 tablets)
– 1.5 tubes (had a half leftover) of SPF 50 sunscreen
– 30% deet insect repellant
– 1 bottle of aloe
– Ibuprofen
– 3 small hand sanitizers (one hooked on to my daypack)
– 1 Steripen water purifier (interested to see if this will be needed) (takes AA batteries)

– 1 15.6 laptop with charger
– 1 unlocked iPhone with charger and headphone
– 1 digital camera (AA batteries)
– 1 converter/adapter set
– spare SD cards, USB connectors and memory sticks
– 4 rechargeable AA batteries with charger

– 3 copies each of passport, visas, travel insurance, drivers license, provincial health card and other important documents. All copies will be kept in different areas and one copy of all of these left at home with a family member
– Immunization record
– Visa pictures (as many as you think you need. I am bringing 8)

Other (Still important)
All the odds and ends many might not think of:
– 2 combo travel locks for main backpack and day pack
– 1 Dudley combo lock for lockers in hostels, stations etc.
– duct tape (fix rips and tears easily, and as a Canadian I know if actually fixes anything and everything)
– 4 extra large freezer bags, box of large and medium freezer bags. (all the bags are removed and held tightly together with elastics and placed in extra large bag to reduce space taken up, these bags will be useful for separating items and keeping organized)
– A few carabiners for hooking things on to backpacks that I need quick access to
– 4 very small boxes of water proof matches
– 2 small LED flashlights (one hooked on my day pack where I can reach easily)
– 1 deck of playing cards
– Eye shade and ear plugs for planes, trains, buses, and hostels

The Backpack Stuff
– 1 Supercontinent 65 Travel Pack (includes 65L main pack and 14L daypack)
– 1 60L+ rain cover

What To Get When I Arrive
The only so far on my list is a rain coat or poncho. I’m not too worried about having to get stuff, buying things on the go is common and prices are cheaper most times.

I hope this list does me well. Am I missing anything? Can anything come off? Leave me a comment.


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