Thailand Update: Loving it!

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Thailand, Travel

I’m discovering how hard it is to keep posts coming regularly what with meeting people, drinks, markets, sightseeing and working on the tan. Here is the brief update on what I’ve done.

I started in Bangkok and got the cherry popped so to speak. Five nights there was enough and my time was filled with food, sights and some extra curriculars that I’ll go into further detail about…some day. From Bangkok I got a 3rd class train ticket to Ayutthaya. The train is your best bet. The ride was only about two hours so there was no need to spend extra for plush seats and air conditioning. Watching the country side pass by with temples in the distance with my camera out the window was a great experience. Plus it was 20 Baht which is less than $1. Ayutthaya was a good time for two nights. I explored the ruins of the ancient capital, enjoyed the night market and spent a good day of sightseeing with two German backpackers staying at the same guesthouse. From Ayutthaya I headed to Lopburi on the train for the roughly 1.5 hour journey. This time it was 13 Baht. Lopburi is a sleepy town with lots of English teachers and even more monkeys. I’ve discovered I don’t like the monkeys, they can be aggressive and seem to suffer from kleptomania. It’s not unheard of to have them bite and rounds of rabies shots don’t sound fun. I’ve seen some ruins and Wats but two nights here is enough and was a good choice to just chill.

Tomorrow I’m going to head to Phitsanulok on the train. I’m not expecting too much action there but I have time up my sleeve and working my way slowly to Chiangmai is allowing me to go local a bit and escape the tourist traps.








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    Keep on truckin

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