Review Of Noom Guesthouse In Lopburi

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Travel Review
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You get what you pay for and the price was right on this place, as long as the value for money makes sense then its never a bad deal. I took the train from Ayutthaya to Lopburi and make the five minute walk to the Noom Guesthouse. I asked to see the room first. It was extremely basic with a small bed, chair and a small table. No A/C but a fan, shared bathroom, free WIFI, a restaurant and bar where a lot of tourists, expats and English teachers like to hang out at night and a welcoming owner and staff who speak great English. For 200 Baht/night I was going to sweat the little things. Also, the guesthouse is away from the large monkey area, which is good because I hated those things. The guesthouse also offers bungalows with A/C.

Would I stay again? Yes. If you’re traveling on a budget and don’t care too much about having the extras then this is your place. It was clean, secure and helpful staff. What more could you want for 200 Baht/night?IMG_0295


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